The Golden Visa is a long-term residency visa for people from different walks of life: investors, entrepreneurs, real estate investors, business investors, and students. They also offer Golden visas for individuals with outstanding talents like medical professionals and researchers.

The main aim of the Dubai government through the Golden Visa system is to make investors and expatriates feel secure about their future. The Dubai government is committed to providing security to anyone looking to make Dubai their home.

How to Apply for the Golden Visa 

Applying for a Golden Visa is relatively straightforward. All that the aspirant/candidate is required to do is submit the necessary documents with their business venture.

Individuals, who are interested in making Dubai their home, can apply for the Golden Visa through:

  • Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.
  • ICA – the eChannel for residency and citizenship – offers Golden Visa online.
  • The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) – offers Golden Visa online and offline.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for the Golden Visa 

The following are the eligibility details:

  • 10 year Golden Visa for outstanding talent – Doctors, Researchers, and Inventors

  • 5 years Golden Visa for Real Estate Investors

  •  5 years Golden Visa for Entrepreneurs
  • 5 years Golden Visa for Business investors
  • 10 years Golden Visa for Students

Investors with AED 10 million worth of public investment can apply for a 10-years Golden visa. At least 60 percent of the total investment must not be in immovable properties that are real estate. The investment should not be loaned, the investment should be retained for at least three years, and the investors should have full ownership.

Investors with AED 5 million can apply for a 5-years Golden visa. The investor must have an investment in a property of AED 5 million. The amount invested by the investor in real estate must not be on a loaned, and the property must be retained for at least three years.

Entrepreneurs and individuals with specialized talent like doctors, researchers, scientists, investors, and artists can apply for a 10-year Golden visa with accreditations granted by their respective departments and fields.

  • Scientists must be accredited by the Emirates Scientists Council or Mohammed Bin Rashid Medal for Scientific Excellence.
  • Individuals in culture and art must be accredited by the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development.
  • Exceptional talents must be documented by patents or scientific research published in a world-class journal.
  • Doctors and specialists must meet at least two of the following conditions:

  • A Ph. D. degree from one of the top 500 universities in the world. (refer to ICA for information)
  • An award or certificate of appreciation in the field of the applicant’s work.
  • Contribution to significant scientific research in the respective field of work published articles or scientific books in distinguished publications in the respective field of work.
  • Membership in an organization related to the field.
  • A Ph. D. degree, in addition to 10-year professional experience in his field specialization in areas of priority to the UAE.

Outstanding Students can apply for a 5-year Golden visa. They should have a minimum grade of 95 percent in public and private secondary schools. University students should have a GPA of at least 3.75 upon graduation.

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